Graphic Design Services

Nothing will enhance the look and effectiveness of your printed product like Professional Design. If you don't have a designer, we will be glad to help you get the "look" that you want with your project. Printertainment offers several design options made availbale to you by our Professional Graphic Design Staff. Below are some affordable options that we are sure you will love!

Flate rate design starting at $79

Printertainment steers away from open-ended hourly design with our flat rate design system. This allows us flexibility in getting our clients exactly what they need in their design. Call today to discuss your design needs and we will quote your project individually! Design discounts are available to print customers!

Photo Touch Up and Restoration: $39

Photoshop restoration or touch up of a photo you submit to us is available at the price above. If no products are purchased the price for this service is $99. Results will depend upon the condition of the photo we receive. If extensive work is needed, there may be an additional cost. We will be happy to look at the picture submitted and quote you.

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